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Sunday, 21 January 2018

A Day In The Life

When it comes to taking pictures within a theme, finding topics to photograph about is pretty hard for me and so I went through Pinterest last night looking to see if anyone had already come up with any useful themes and I came across this one from Everyday Eye Candy. In her post 20 Photography Project Ideas for the New Year , LaShawn lists project ideas and given that I missed the deadline for the Behold This post, which was meant to come out yesterday, I wanted to use today to create a project that would be short and a learning curve and also fun but come out at a good quality.

I decided for myself at the start of the year to post every Sunday evening on Behold This however after forgetting my camera at home last Saturday when I was meant to go out and take some photos, I was stuck with my phone and didn't feel all that confident taking pictures with it to share with others.

As a result, I chose to do the project today on one of LaShawn's topic ideas, A Day In The Life which also incorporates some Android Only images. However,due to the fact that I will be starting work in an hour and would like to complete this project therefore this is more of a half day project. There is so much I could do in a day and capture to share with you all but that's the beauty of this topic, I could repeat it any other day because almost every day is different in some way.

Most of the photographs are captured today are centered around my college and Dublin city centre. Although I brought my camera into town with me today, I found myself taking almost all these images on my phone. It was far easier to whip out my phone and focus the camera and lighting and the finished project in my opinion actually looked somewhat better on my phone, if I dare say so myself.

I am looking at buying a new camera and even checked the price to sell it to a trader like CEX. I'd love a camera with not only great photo quality but video quality too. Something with 4K would be brilliant, with that said, I am also a poor student who is quite good at saving but doesn't want to be saving forever for a new camera.

I'd love any and all recommendations you may have!

The phone used here was the Motorola G4 Plus purchased on..Amazon!

Till Next Time

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