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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

You Are Just Not Good Enough

My photography lecturer told me I was not good enough for the world of visuals and would probably end up doing scriptwriting or audio. That would be all fine and dandy if I didn't want to make music videos, a visual art.

The rest of the day and the most past of this still early morning ( 10am ) has been shrouded in the feeling that well, I'm just not good enough for anything.

I was looking forward so much to this module when I first started college, I would finally be able to learn more about the art I love so much and upgrade my skills, instead I'm coming to the end of the module having completely lost the enchantment and doubting wether or not the polite encouragements of those around me formed a disillusioned image of what I could actually do and now that is being shattered.

When PowerPoint presentations fail to teach practical skill and you're deemed shit it's a hard lesson to learn.

And even harder still to try and still not be good enough. And perhaps I was trying too hard to please the wrong subject. I was trying too hard to please the opinions of someone else when I should've focused more on what I wanted to do, "finding my voice".

It's a tragic flaw in my personality that only after selling my soul to the "you're a good girl" devil that I see what I have done. From my secondary school English teacher who succeeded in stunting my unique writing styles and tones for the growth of a more academic, formal and somewhat detached one to third level education where I face losing whatever voice I was looking to nurture in photography in the same scenario, I accept my shortcomings.

What I don't accept is how I let them shape and change me instead of changing them. It's far too late in the year for anything I do now to equate out how much of my time and efforts I dedicated to pleasing someone else. I'm disappointed in myself for falling into the same trap but like before I refuse to let this stop me.

So what if I am not good enough for someone? I like my pictures so fuck off Evelyn.
And with that I'd like to share with you some of my favorite pictures from a recent photo story assignment on a chosen environment or landscape we had to do.

I had to present this in class and what I presented was what I thought Evelyn would like to see but what I would've put in had I tried to not predict what she would say or how she would react, this is what would've come out.

Moore Street Market

Moore Street in Dublin is a vibrant bustling Street full of hardworking people trading in stalls from sunrise into the dark Autumn nights and established businesses. Its saturated with cultures that contrast the high Street culture of Henry/Jervis St. adjacent. I wanted to capture how the people that work there and the busy, moving energy of the market street. The last picture doesn't really fit the narrative, I just liked it.

These are some of my favorite pictures of the shoots.

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