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Sunday, 30 July 2017


Do you ever feel like you're looking at your life from the outside in? What do you see, how does that effect your actions and what you think of yourself?

The last few weeks I have felt less than myself. I have been lethargic, tired and a little depressed. This feeling was a result of buckling under the pressures and expectations I put on myself and those I believe others have for me. 

My motivation was present, I still had the desire to do and create but my body felt so weak that the smallest tasks seemed to require a great deal of energy which I did not have. I was watching my life play out screaming directions and motivation but my watched self couldn't grab onto any of it to get out of my funk.

For the most part I let myself sink into the funk and take it as it came and sometimes I was really sad about it and other times I let myself believe that this was the best thing for me right now. 

In order for me to heal and restore my body to its prime, I needed to take this as a sign to give myself some extra TLC and keep at it till I came out the other side. A lot easier said than done.

I tried, really I did and I was happy, truly happy with the TLC I was giving myself. But each single moment was tinged with the frustrating nagging feeling that I could be working on a project or writing a post or doing something other than watching Bob's Burgers over and over again.

It was painful and not always enjoyable so I did behind the scenes work that I knew would make me happy and not stress me out. I even managed to write a blog post for my main site Albatroz & Co and managed to send out a newsletter.

Alas I feel like I'm coming out the other side now and it feels good. I'm going into this next phase with more awareness of my limits and a determination to work self-love into my routine, a lot better than it already is.

I'm a big advocate for me-days and spending time on ones self but I guess my current level of self care needs to be reviewed and amended to reflect the new projects I am undertaking.

I don't want to burn out but I also don't want to put my projects aside because they bring me so much joy. I guess it's all about balance.

Oh the irony of being an unbalanced Libra.

Till next time.

Ama Addo is a Creative & Start-Up Entrepeneur always thinking of new ideas and creating digital web pages for them to live on. Behold This is where her love of Photography lives. Follow my social media to learn more about the face behind the blog.


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