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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Empty Spaces

I found myself to be the last person in my tube carriage on one  of journey in London. I wasn't going to do it because I didn't want to get any funny looks from onlookers on the platform.

But I took out my camera none the less and took the picture of the empty carriage. Something about its weathered old clothed seats and the interrupted energies, a mix between people getting off and on leading their lives and the rumble of engine clung to my sense of awareness, something that is heightened on every travel adventure I have. 

To me the carriage way felt dirty and abandoned by the people who were there one minute and gone the next. Living lives neither I nor the other passengers will probably ever know. Not a name, not a favorite color, nothing.

My awareness of the many different paths we all walk in life is always heightened when I travel and in that carriage way I felt I was at the height of it.

I wanted to reflect this feeling of estrangement from the people outside our familiar communities. Using PicMonkey I played around with contrast and shadows but couldn't quite get the picture to accurately reflect the stain of life I felt in that moment.

That was until I gave up and went to place a watermark across the image using the overlay text feature. Something beautiful happened right before my eyes. My decent enough picture was breathed alive with a deep grime of shadows and contrast that echoed the mixed energies I felt.  

I'm not expecting you to feel what I felt looking at this picture. My aim for this image is to speak to the melancholy in you about whatever makes you feel dissonant or empty or abandoned. It's slight unsteady balance is to tug at the perfectionist in all of us that can't quite just let such little things be.  

Wouldn't you love to just straighten it out a little? Aren't you just itching to set it straight? Mwahahaha 

On a completely separate note, I entered one of my pictures, the first one from my Birth of a Beauty post into a competition and I'd appreciate any support you can throw my way. Check out my entry here and please share.

I know I'm new at this so help a girl out eh?

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