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Saturday, 24 June 2017

The Birth of Beauty

Behold This was an idea conceived whilst working in a Camera Shop as a Christmas Assistant. Surrounded by like minded people who shared my passion for art and creativity, I was inspired to dive into my love for photography and learn as I go.

The drive behind BT is to explore and nurture my love for photography. I am by no means a Photographer and what I find beautiful may not be so in your eyes. With Behold This I want to challenge and expose you to a different type of beauty.

Along the way I will be selling my images, both digital & physical where stated. I may review products and techniques that I try. I'm still finding my niche and what I like to photograph but expect a lot of moody, abstract pieces.

 I love art and pictures that make a statement and those that induce a sense of calm. The darker the subject matter or emotion evoked, the better. If I were to describe the type of photography that speak to me with a handful of words, these would be: nostalgia, melancholy, calm, strange and satirical. I also have a special fondness of portraits.

Behold This will be a project that I will trial for a year. So far I have  one goal for this year, which you can find below. I will be adding goals as I encounter them but so far I have nothing in my heart but to produce great content once a week for you guys.

I am not yet sure what days I will be posting as I want to produce work based on the merit of quality and not quantity alone. To always know when I'm posting and what I'm posting, sign up to this weekly newsletter. There will be no spamming involved , ain't nobody got time for that, but if you want to join me on this journey of creative discovery then sign up for BT news here.


  1. Post A Picture(s) A Week For 52 Weeks
  2. Make €500 in sales of great quality images
  3. Partner with at least one magazine
  4. Photograph at least 3 concerts ( this one is mainly for fun as I've always wanted to be up and close to artists in the press pit. )
  5. be continued............


1) I embark on my year long journey with very little but trusted equipment. I have my Nikon D3300 Camera which I purchased three years ago after months of working late after school and weekends.

2) My Nikon WU-1A Mobile Wireless Adaptor

3) My Hahnel Triad 60 Lite 4-Section Tripod


4) ASUS Laptop
5) PicMonkey & GIMP

It's not much but it's a start and I can't wait to see where the year takes me with this project. Follow along on Instagram and like the Facebook Page for regular updates.

 Let the countdown begin and watch. this. space.

Ama Addo is a Creative & Start-Up Entrepeneur always thinking of new ideas and creating digital web pages for them to live on. Behold This is where her love of Photography lives. Follow my social media to learn more about the face behind the blog.


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