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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

300 Pounds of Fat

In March I visited London for a Glass Animals concert where I stayed in the East End with my Couchsurfing host. She kindly gave me a tour of the area between Miles End, Shoreditch and Whitechapel. On this tour were streets upon streets of art from tags to characters to mural, stencil etc.

I'm not sure if classing this peice as 'sticker' is artistically correct but I'm going to go with it anyway. Like I said in my very first post( which you can check out here ), I like art that makes a statement and I love satirical anything so seeing this sicker was a perfect combination of both for me.

I'm not body shaming anyone so if you're offended, get off your high horse. There are many reasons why people may be overweight, genetics, disability, illness etc are logical and sometimes unchangeable contributors to weight gain I get it. 

However the blind consumption of garbage and sometimes the not so blind consumption is what I do not agree with. That is my opinion. I love a good McD night time drive thru and take out food but I'm in the gym about 5 times a week and try my best to eat healthy and live a balanced lifestyle ( hooray me I know...fuck off ). 

Eating junk to the point where it causes medical issues shouldn't be an issue in this day and age. It's never too late to learn how to eat properly for your body. Proper diet education should be supplied in schools to all children so they can understand the importance of eating healthy and pass that unto their children. Parents should be given lessons during their first pregnancies on the best ways to support their children's nutrition.

It is only when nutritional education is readily available that it can be enforced on a larger scale. The knock on effect in terms of a reduction in food wastage, medical expenses, healthier bodies, minds and societies will make for a higher quality of life.

Looking at the current progression of the world , I'd say we'll have just that after Trump and ISIS start and finish World War 3 and the global society rebuilds itself just in time for Busted's song to go multi-platinum in the year 3000 and we're all submerged in a world at sea, whooo.

I wish I could credit the creator of this piece but unfortunately they was nothing to track them down with when I took the picture. Instead I'll pass this on to you all.

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  1. I was just talking about this to my boyfriend the other day. Being overweight, for some people
    , is a choice. It is NEVER too late to start healthy habits. We all fall victim to the fast food society we live in, but the ,son thing is overconsumption.

    1. I'm no health addict and I have certainly done my fair share of the fast food diet but even for myself I don't feel good about myself when the food I'm consuming isn't nourishing my body, over consumption should really be something addressed in all schools and through medical professions because it can lead to terrible illnesses if not watched.
      But hey, who I'm I to say anything ahahha

  2. At the end of it all everyone has a choice to either choose to take care of their health or not but it's usually sad when you know that we are capable of changing but choose not to.

    1. The decision is no doubt hard but I guess if the will and the motivation isn't there and sometimes there just isn't the help people need, it makes the decision harder and it's human to want to take the easier road and change nothing. I wish there was more education and resources ( and I know the gym is there ) but sometimes people may just want or need that extra push and I wish there was something in place.

      I guess my only two pence here is that better nutritional education can decrease obesity gained through over consumption of unhealthy foods and food in general.

      But I have made my choices and like you said we all make that choice for ourselves.


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