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I'mAma Addo

Creative and Startup Entrepreneur

Ideas to me are like bees to honey. I am constantly thinking up new businesses I'd like to start, projects to undertake and skills to acquire. Photography is one of my many passions and creative projects and Behold This is where this idea lives.


Traveller's Service


Currently I am working on a business plan for a service that aids Traveller's in their wanderlust adventures. Watch this space.

Albatroz & Co


I started my Personal Blog, Albatroz & Co. almost three years ago and have not looked back since. Albatroz & Co. is where I found my creative legs and where I continue to nurture and grow my creativity.

Behold This


Behold This was an idea conceived whilst working in a Camera Shop as a Christmas Assistant. Surrounded by like minded people who shared my passion for art and creativity, I was inspired to dive into my love for photography and learn as I go. I am by no means a Photographer and what I find beautiful may not be so in your eyes. With Behold This I want to challenge and expose you to a different type of beauty.

Faking Adulthood Now

March 2017-Present

Faking Adulthood Now is a podcast born out of my Pretending To Be An Adult Being blog series exploring the world of adult responsibilities and relationships. Is there really anyone out there who knows what they are doing? We all write our own Adulting Handbooks,I just want to read a page out of yours.

About Me

I'm Handsy

No it's not what you're thinking! I like to take a hands on approach to every project I undertake. Learning is one of my favorite things to do and I love diving into a subject that really takes my fancy.

Tech & Me

I don't have the biggest tech head but new advancements in Technology excite me, espceially when it's something I can be a part of. Ultimately my loves lies with the Film & Media industry. I dream of directing abstract music videos and taking pictures of things I find beautiful.


Most people would describe me as pretty friendly and that would be true most of the time. However it's best to steer clear of me when I am in either two of these conditions: cold, hungry, tired. For your own safety of course. I love meeting new peole but can also be overwhelmed by it so if you see me on the street and I run away from you, you just caught me on a bad day. Don't take it personal.

Social Media

Like most people you'll find me on social media. My handles across the board are albatroz_co and if that doesn't work, follow the multiple icons on this page to find me. Marco...


Like all Libras, I've a big heart and for the most part that's great but don't get offended if I keep you at arm's length, it takes me a while to figure people out.

Be A Diamond

'Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without' -Confucius I'm not perfect but you're ugly too.










Snow Days

It's been a very very long time since I last posted on Behold This. I've simply not been out snapping any pictures. That was until the snow came two weeks ago and I managed to get out and have some fun.

As this is my photography site I don't get into my personal life here. But there's been a lot going on the last while adding to my absence. If you'd like to read about that you can check it out on my personal site, Albatroz & Co here.

For now I'll leave you with these snow days pictures. And I'll be back real soon for more. What's your favorite image and why? Personally I like the intensity of the last image and the framing of the walking man between the poles in the first.

Let me know below in the comments.

Till Next Time

A Day In The Life

When it comes to taking pictures within a theme, finding topics to photograph about is pretty hard for me and so I went through Pinterest last night looking to see if anyone had already come up with any useful themes and I came across this one from Everyday Eye Candy. In her post 20 Photography Project Ideas for the New Year , LaShawn lists project ideas and given that I missed the deadline for the Behold This post, which was meant to come out yesterday, I wanted to use today to create a project that would be short and a learning curve and also fun but come out at a good quality.

I decided for myself at the start of the year to post every Sunday evening on Behold This however after forgetting my camera at home last Saturday when I was meant to go out and take some photos, I was stuck with my phone and didn't feel all that confident taking pictures with it to share with others.

As a result, I chose to do the project today on one of LaShawn's topic ideas, A Day In The Life which also incorporates some Android Only images. However,due to the fact that I will be starting work in an hour and would like to complete this project therefore this is more of a half day project. There is so much I could do in a day and capture to share with you all but that's the beauty of this topic, I could repeat it any other day because almost every day is different in some way.

Most of the photographs are captured today are centered around my college and Dublin city centre. Although I brought my camera into town with me today, I found myself taking almost all these images on my phone. It was far easier to whip out my phone and focus the camera and lighting and the finished project in my opinion actually looked somewhat better on my phone, if I dare say so myself.

I am looking at buying a new camera and even checked the price to sell it to a trader like CEX. I'd love a camera with not only great photo quality but video quality too. Something with 4K would be brilliant, with that said, I am also a poor student who is quite good at saving but doesn't want to be saving forever for a new camera.

I'd love any and all recommendations you may have!

The phone used here was the Motorola G4 Plus purchased on..Amazon!

Till Next Time

My Place Final Assignment

Today I am sharing a few images form my final assignment for my photography module in college. These are the images that I liked the most and would like to share today with you all.

The assignment titled My Place allowed us to interpret the meaning of My Place as we pleased. I chose to focus on the memories and people that make me happy. Using my personal archive of old photographs, I wanted to capture private moments, thoughts and feelings that others could relate to. 

1. This image contains old photographs of me as a child. Sometimes I think about how different my life started compared to where it is now and how although I am still this little girl rocking Bantu knots on her first day of Kindergarten, I am also a different person altogether. 

The images in the background represent the past I have whilst the image in the mirror shows how I am still that same person.

2. It's all about love and that one person who just feels like home.

3. Ireland vs Ghana. The two lives I've lived.

4. This is a compilation of photographs from my Ghanaian and Irish passports. It's weird because when I traveled with my Ghanaian passport I had to get a visa to visit the UK etc. and when I traveled to Ghana with my Irish passport, I had to get a visa for Ghana. 

The image in the center is my late grandfather on his travels. His love for travel is something that makes me feel closer to him. 

5. Siblings. It was the best of times and it was the worst of times.


6. I am my mother's daughter.

I have yet to receive official feedback on this project from my lecturer but from the presentation I gave, they seemed to have enjoyed it. 

I'd love your comments or any feedback you may have. Let me know below.

You Are Just Not Good Enough

My photography lecturer told me I was not good enough for the world of visuals and would probably end up doing scriptwriting or audio. That would be all fine and dandy if I didn't want to make music videos, a visual art.

The rest of the day and the most past of this still early morning ( 10am ) has been shrouded in the feeling that well, I'm just not good enough for anything.

I was looking forward so much to this module when I first started college, I would finally be able to learn more about the art I love so much and upgrade my skills, instead I'm coming to the end of the module having completely lost the enchantment and doubting wether or not the polite encouragements of those around me formed a disillusioned image of what I could actually do and now that is being shattered.

When PowerPoint presentations fail to teach practical skill and you're deemed shit it's a hard lesson to learn.

And even harder still to try and still not be good enough. And perhaps I was trying too hard to please the wrong subject. I was trying too hard to please the opinions of someone else when I should've focused more on what I wanted to do, "finding my voice".

It's a tragic flaw in my personality that only after selling my soul to the "you're a good girl" devil that I see what I have done. From my secondary school English teacher who succeeded in stunting my unique writing styles and tones for the growth of a more academic, formal and somewhat detached one to third level education where I face losing whatever voice I was looking to nurture in photography in the same scenario, I accept my shortcomings.

What I don't accept is how I let them shape and change me instead of changing them. It's far too late in the year for anything I do now to equate out how much of my time and efforts I dedicated to pleasing someone else. I'm disappointed in myself for falling into the same trap but like before I refuse to let this stop me.

So what if I am not good enough for someone? I like my pictures so fuck off Evelyn.
And with that I'd like to share with you some of my favorite pictures from a recent photo story assignment on a chosen environment or landscape we had to do.

I had to present this in class and what I presented was what I thought Evelyn would like to see but what I would've put in had I tried to not predict what she would say or how she would react, this is what would've come out.

Moore Street Market

Moore Street in Dublin is a vibrant bustling Street full of hardworking people trading in stalls from sunrise into the dark Autumn nights and established businesses. Its saturated with cultures that contrast the high Street culture of Henry/Jervis St. adjacent. I wanted to capture how the people that work there and the busy, moving energy of the market street. The last picture doesn't really fit the narrative, I just liked it.

These are some of my favorite pictures of the shoots.


Do you ever feel like you're looking at your life from the outside in? What do you see, how does that effect your actions and what you think of yourself?

The last few weeks I have felt less than myself. I have been lethargic, tired and a little depressed. This feeling was a result of buckling under the pressures and expectations I put on myself and those I believe others have for me. 

My motivation was present, I still had the desire to do and create but my body felt so weak that the smallest tasks seemed to require a great deal of energy which I did not have. I was watching my life play out screaming directions and motivation but my watched self couldn't grab onto any of it to get out of my funk.

For the most part I let myself sink into the funk and take it as it came and sometimes I was really sad about it and other times I let myself believe that this was the best thing for me right now. 

In order for me to heal and restore my body to its prime, I needed to take this as a sign to give myself some extra TLC and keep at it till I came out the other side. A lot easier said than done.

I tried, really I did and I was happy, truly happy with the TLC I was giving myself. But each single moment was tinged with the frustrating nagging feeling that I could be working on a project or writing a post or doing something other than watching Bob's Burgers over and over again.

It was painful and not always enjoyable so I did behind the scenes work that I knew would make me happy and not stress me out. I even managed to write a blog post for my main site Albatroz & Co and managed to send out a newsletter.

Alas I feel like I'm coming out the other side now and it feels good. I'm going into this next phase with more awareness of my limits and a determination to work self-love into my routine, a lot better than it already is.

I'm a big advocate for me-days and spending time on ones self but I guess my current level of self care needs to be reviewed and amended to reflect the new projects I am undertaking.

I don't want to burn out but I also don't want to put my projects aside because they bring me so much joy. I guess it's all about balance.

Oh the irony of being an unbalanced Libra.

Till next time.

Empty Spaces

I found myself to be the last person in my tube carriage on one  of journey in London. I wasn't going to do it because I didn't want to get any funny looks from onlookers on the platform.

But I took out my camera none the less and took the picture of the empty carriage. Something about its weathered old clothed seats and the interrupted energies, a mix between people getting off and on leading their lives and the rumble of engine clung to my sense of awareness, something that is heightened on every travel adventure I have. 

To me the carriage way felt dirty and abandoned by the people who were there one minute and gone the next. Living lives neither I nor the other passengers will probably ever know. Not a name, not a favorite color, nothing.

My awareness of the many different paths we all walk in life is always heightened when I travel and in that carriage way I felt I was at the height of it.

I wanted to reflect this feeling of estrangement from the people outside our familiar communities. Using PicMonkey I played around with contrast and shadows but couldn't quite get the picture to accurately reflect the stain of life I felt in that moment.

That was until I gave up and went to place a watermark across the image using the overlay text feature. Something beautiful happened right before my eyes. My decent enough picture was breathed alive with a deep grime of shadows and contrast that echoed the mixed energies I felt.  

I'm not expecting you to feel what I felt looking at this picture. My aim for this image is to speak to the melancholy in you about whatever makes you feel dissonant or empty or abandoned. It's slight unsteady balance is to tug at the perfectionist in all of us that can't quite just let such little things be.  

Wouldn't you love to just straighten it out a little? Aren't you just itching to set it straight? Mwahahaha 

On a completely separate note, I entered one of my pictures, the first one from my Birth of a Beauty post into a competition and I'd appreciate any support you can throw my way. Check out my entry here and please share.

I know I'm new at this so help a girl out eh?

300 Pounds of Fat

In March I visited London for a Glass Animals concert where I stayed in the East End with my Couchsurfing host. She kindly gave me a tour of the area between Miles End, Shoreditch and Whitechapel. On this tour were streets upon streets of art from tags to characters to mural, stencil etc.

I'm not sure if classing this peice as 'sticker' is artistically correct but I'm going to go with it anyway. Like I said in my very first post( which you can check out here ), I like art that makes a statement and I love satirical anything so seeing this sicker was a perfect combination of both for me.

I'm not body shaming anyone so if you're offended, get off your high horse. There are many reasons why people may be overweight, genetics, disability, illness etc are logical and sometimes unchangeable contributors to weight gain I get it. 

However the blind consumption of garbage and sometimes the not so blind consumption is what I do not agree with. That is my opinion. I love a good McD night time drive thru and take out food but I'm in the gym about 5 times a week and try my best to eat healthy and live a balanced lifestyle ( hooray me I know...fuck off ). 

Eating junk to the point where it causes medical issues shouldn't be an issue in this day and age. It's never too late to learn how to eat properly for your body. Proper diet education should be supplied in schools to all children so they can understand the importance of eating healthy and pass that unto their children. Parents should be given lessons during their first pregnancies on the best ways to support their children's nutrition.

It is only when nutritional education is readily available that it can be enforced on a larger scale. The knock on effect in terms of a reduction in food wastage, medical expenses, healthier bodies, minds and societies will make for a higher quality of life.

Looking at the current progression of the world , I'd say we'll have just that after Trump and ISIS start and finish World War 3 and the global society rebuilds itself just in time for Busted's song to go multi-platinum in the year 3000 and we're all submerged in a world at sea, whooo.

I wish I could credit the creator of this piece but unfortunately they was nothing to track them down with when I took the picture. Instead I'll pass this on to you all.

I'll be back sometime next week. Sign up to the BT Newsletter to be first to know when the new release hits. Also follow along on Instagram & Facebook for regular updates.

Three Things From My Brief Existence

Money makes the world go round but happiness isn't runing after it. But yes I will take that million if you offered it to me, I'm no hippy.



Know your worth. Don't settle for less.



It's okay not to be okay but don't let that define you. Happiness is a state of mind so think positive.



Ama Addo
Dublin, Ireland

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